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And so my journey begins

I started my internship on January 7, 2023. When I arrived, I was met by my supervisor Catie. Catie works in marketing and is my guide for this journey. As we walked across the pathway from the mainland to the ship, she showed me how to access the elevator to get to the main deck. While there are stairs off to the left outside of the carrier for the able bodied, the USS Yorktown also has elevators located throughout the ship to help those that may need some assistance. The elevator can take you to the main deck or the third deck once you are inside. We went to the main deck.

Once you arrive at the main deck, you are greeted by the wonderful volunteers at the information desk. The information desk is where I am a majority of the time when I am not meeting with department heads or taking a behind the scenes tour with Don. There are many different tours available aboard the Yorktown. There are of course the self guided tours and there are five available. With the tour guide map, any individual can decide which tour they would like to explore. The volunteers at the information desk are great in assisting anyone with knowledge and guidance on which tour might interest them the most. There are also Captain's tours available for an additional price at the ticket booth. The Captain's tours allows for a more in-depth look in some of the behind the scenes areas that are normally prohibited from the general admission ticket. The tours are linked between Bulldog Tours and Patriot's Point. On my first day aboard, I was lucky enough to join a Captain's tour and we were able to go up to the flight deck from a passage way that the sailors who once lived and worked aboard took. The view from the flight deck is absolutely breathtaking and gives a wonderful view of the Ravenel bridge and the Charleston harbor.

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