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Weddings, Celebrations, and Events OH MY!

As spring gears up and events get underway here at Patriot’s Point, I feel it is only necessary to highlight the events department onboard the USS Yorktown. Patty Amos is the head of the events department and along side her is her assistant Austin. Together, these two individuals work to coordinate special events such as the one that recently passed showing the movie “Devotion” with question-and-answer. Patty and Austin also work to bring weddings, military balls, memorial services, etc. aboard the USS Yorktown. My first experience of one of this events was a memorial service for a volunteer who was also a Marine veteran that had passed away. It was beautifully done and a great way to honor that individual.

The USS Yorktown is split into sections when it comes to holding events. A price list is provided when someone seeks out to do an event on board. Prices vary on the location of each section with the most expensive being the entire ship for $15,000 for four hours with an additional $3,750 for each additional hour. Patty says that a lot of people have to be reminded that the carrier is not air conditioned and she says that is still one of the top questions that she gets regularly. Patty also says that events on the flight deck are the trickiest because the only way to get things on the flight deck is to use the service elevator. The service elevator operators are not present on the weekends and therefore, those who have rental equipment need to bear that in mind. The flight deck is also a tricky spot for any occasion because it is not covered. With that, one needs to take the time to remember that the weather here in Charleston isn’t always going to cooperate and the chance for a random afternoon rain is always possible. Weather conditions are always changing here in Charleston and being that the USS Yorktown is on the water, the conditions are always a challenge for outdoor events. The events team is also responsible for setting up space for the fire departments to do on board training as well. That was something I thought was very uncommon, but it is for the Yorktown.

The “Devotion” event was just the start to a very busy schedule for the events team. That event kicked off Medal of Honor week and it led up to Medal of Honor Day, March 25th, aboard the USS Yorktown. Following that was the Vietnam Remembrance Day, but the big spring event this year is “The Fighting Lady Turns 80” event. These events have been in the works for months and this is on top of the other events that are being done onboard. When I asked Patty what her favorite event has been so far, she responded “Yoga on the Flightdeck.” Each event is unique and a wonderful experience for those who are involved. Patty and Austin are a dynamic team in making sure these events go as smooth as possible and that the customer is happy. Patriot’s Point departments do a wonderful job in assisting one another when needed as well. I would recommend this facility based on the skills and communication these people provide in their services.

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